JustAppetite Culinary School has bought to you the Intensive International Breads Course. This course is for ones who want to develop their skills in baking. We will teach you the uses of fresh yeast, the different types and qualities of flour, and how to master the various stages of bread baking. You will prepare flavored breads, croissants and other Danish pastries as well as other traditional loaves. All necessary ingredients and equipment are provided, and you take home your day’s work. 

Our Menu: 

  1. Quinoa Almond Bread 
  2. Rye Bread 
  3. Croissants 
  4. Anpan (Japan Origin) 
  5. Challah (Polland Origin) 
  6. Broa (Brazil Origin) 
  7. Bagels 
  8. French Baguette 
  9. Broiche (France Origin) 
  10. Mollette (Spin Origin) 
  11. Pretzels 
  12. Focaccia 
  13. Fougasse (Italy Origin) 
  14. Crumpets ( UK Origin) 
  15. Arepa ( South America Origin) 
  16. Sourdough Bread 
  17. Cheese Kifli (Australian Bread) 
  18. Rice Bread (Japan Origin) 
  19. Scones (Britain Origin) 
  20. Portugese Sweet Bread 

Fees: Rs. 14,750/- inclusive of 18% tax 

 (Avail 10% off if you register before 1st March 2019) 

(Avail 5% off if you register before 4th March 2019)


  1. We will be providing with a small kit, aprons and chef caps
  2. Costing, Budgeting, Layout, Packaging and Marketing will be taught in detail.
  3. We are having our baking chef who is an expert in Breads for this course.
  4. Students will get to take what they made home
  5. This is a certificate course.
  6. Snacks and water bottles will be provided
  7. It will be 100% Hands On Class.
  8. Students will be getting to take the products home
  9. Recipes will be provided
  10. We take Rs. 5000 in advance of the total fee to register.
  11. 18% taxes is included with the fee.
  12. Next batch is starting on 2nd March to 16th March  (Weekend) and 4th to 8th March (Weekday)
  13. AVAIL 10% off if you register before 1st March : Use Code EARLYJA10 while filling in the form. 
  14. Please see that the menu has been given above.
  15. Please fill in your details in this file JA- Form to Register along with the payment reciept, email us on booking@justappetite.com

Bank Account Details :

Bank Account Details :

Name: Jyoti Rajput

Account No: 000401558752

IFSC Code: ICIC0000004

We will be happy to give you more information on email address

aakurajput@gmail.com | info@justappetite.com | booking@justappetite.com

or on phone number 9004686405 or 9769214090